Before choosing an insole, it is important to determine your foot type and understand which insole is right for you.


Try Gamechangers custom orthotics.


Over Pronation- 

The number 1 cause of joint soreness. 

  1. Your arch flattens too much upon impact causing your ankles to roll/lean inward.
  2. This throws your ankles and subsequently knees, hips and back out of alignment.
  3. Your joint mechanics perform and absorb impact unevenly which leaves you sore and more likely to develop acute injury such as torn acl, sprained ligaments and early arthritis.


overpronation ankleproper alignment



Our Gamechangers insoles custom mold to your exact foot shape and help prevent  Over Pronation. The result is often a dramatic loss of pain/ soreness, prevention of injury and added balance/support.


HIGH ARCH : Try our Kingfoam Insoles or Kingfoam Elite insoles



You need an impact absorbing insole without arch support to combat Supination.


The exact opposite of Over Pronation. Your arch is too high which causes your ankle to roll outwards upon impact.

  • You tend to roll and sprain your ankle
  • Get heel bruises
  • More likely to break your ankle.

Because your ankle leans outwards, orthotics/arch support will generally be ineffective. Most impact is sent to your heels and forefoot so you need as much impact protection as possible. This is why we have specially made our kingfoam insoles series for you.

MID ARCH : Compatible with all insoles


Neutral Alignment

The ideal type of arch. Your ankle should stay evenly centered and your ankle should pronate ( ease down) upon impact but not too much.

If you have no symptoms, any kingfoam insole should be fine and will stop impact/shock energy from entering your body.

If you get sore joints after repetitive impact or high impact sports it is a sign you may be over pronating and should consider trying a custom orthotic.

Wearing a Gamechanger will keep your arch in neutral alignment.

proper alignment