Dan Brisse


 Nanotechnology impact protection converts impact energy into heat before it can reach the body. The heat is no warmer than body temp so you virtually feel nothing.



In addition to leading impact protection, our insoles have patent pending custom arch technology.. nothing else comes close.



 Life changing and recommended by doctors.


@easternskatesupply just got a major restock. If you're on the east coast, any shop can now order direct for you. Just tell them you want FP insoles. ... See MoreSee Less

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Koen Devlamynckthe best1 hour ago   ·  1

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Felipe Gustavo
Felipe Gustavo always killing it
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Late night sesh at @berrics love these place .. Rolezinho de hoje a noite no Berrics !! Oooh lugar @jcoreywhite

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Mon'Rei MorenoDamn niggu 👏👏👏👏5 hours ago

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Paul Hart has new footage dropping tonight at the Cliché skateboards video premiere. Here's some of his throwback. He's been killing it for a good while! ... See MoreSee Less

Criteria For Failure is on sale now at GO GET A COPY! $15 SHIPPED! Criteria For Failure is a Jacksonville, FL based skateboarding film by...

Brandon Biebel
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A Lil Line From Today's Sk8 Sesh. #Lakai Lakai Limited Footwear Girl Skateboards #girlskateboards Filmed by: Guy Mariano

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Nevin JensenKillin it beibel.19 hours ago   ·  3
Joey NevaSlackin TerreroBiebel finna drop a part I feel it20 hours ago
Evan GrahamYou're my hero Bieble17 hours ago
Bumrung Chareepok20 hours ago
Perry OconnorWhat a boss and likeing the abs5 hours ago
Rene Duinkerkendas een makkie Raoul15 hours ago   ·  1
Andreas FerdinandsenSimon Andersen shiiiiieeeeeettttt14 hours ago
Marcus GigseyRustin Rust Cohle oily abs18 hours ago

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Brandon Biebel
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Wow!! Guy Mariano #Sk8Sesh Girl Skateboards Lakai Limited Footwear Fourstar Clothing

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Larry Barney Jr.Bs 180-nose grind-bigspin-tailslide?2 days ago   ·  2
Chris MorgensternMariano...1 day ago
Johnny KochesMagician!2 days ago
Christopher GrahamGot damn2 days ago
Tsutomu IbaragiCoooooL!!2 days ago
Daniel JonesGary Rogers when will he stop Gary?2 days ago
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Ryan PerringRob Blackley there's no stopping him2 days ago
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Costa Rican skater Norlan Osoria shredding for FP ... See MoreSee Less

@streetleague got two new riders! @fgustavoo @kelvinhoefler bang! ... See MoreSee Less

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Congrats to FP riders @fgustavoo and @kelvinhoefler placing in the best trick contest at Tampa pro yesterday. Finals about to start now. @spottampa ... See MoreSee Less

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@daneburman is ready for this, @spottampa ! ... See MoreSee Less

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Dustin CokelyNeeds more metal6 days ago
Alfredo BaccettiAhahah7 days ago

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@danbrisse #socialpath Filmed by @justinhare @joshuamolitor @dtyler92
Edited by @richiebeats #socialpaths
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Ran into two Footprint riders today at this spot! @joeybrezinski @addiefridy Can you name it? ... See MoreSee Less

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Brandon Biebel
Biebel killing it
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Working On Nollie Heel Backtails ✔️ #Sk8Sesh Filmed by: Guy Mariano

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Jake DwyerProper as fuck1 week ago
Christopher St-aubinyess all day!!1 week ago
Mingo Xdfaster1 week ago
Félix BraultKevin Parent clean ?;)1 week ago   ·  1
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@chocorompe #terjehaakonsen @frodesandbeach ... See MoreSee Less

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Happy birthday Burman! @daneburman ... See MoreSee Less

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Lakai Limited Footwear
Guy Mariano new Lakai Limited Footwear!
... See MoreSee Less

Check the specs on the new #GUYMAR with the man behind the design @jeff_mikut over at the @transworldskate site.

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