Kingfoam technology

All FP products are made with a special formulation of ARTi-LAGE (Artificial Cartilage Foam) which is the world’s most impact absorbing material. In fact, our insoles absorb 2-3 times more impact than any other insoles out there.

ARTi-LAGE works by converting impact energy into heat before the energy can reach your body.

We can demonstrate this by dropping raw eggs on our insoles. They clearly absorb much more impact than any other insoles.



( at home third party test from customer)

Use raw brown eggs (white are too structurally weak and unreliable due to bleaching). Please your FP insole on a flat hard surface and drop the egg from waste height. Try it with any other insole- FP will always win… but you don’t need to try it…once you step on FP, you’ll feel the difference.




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